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How To Fix Extra Room In Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are a staple of Western wear, and they can add an element of style and personality to any outfit. However, if your cowboy boots are too big, they can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to walk or ride a horse. Luckily, there are several ways to fix extra room in cowboy boots and make them fit comfortably.

Use a heel grip

If it's only the heel slipping at the back, that's easily fixable with a heel grip. It's very common to have slipping at the back of cowboy boots. If it's something that bothers you, or it's lifting a lot (which could be from having slim ankles for example) just grab a heel grip and fill that extra space. 

Use Insoles 

One of the easiest ways to fix extra room in cowboy boots is to use insoles or inserts. These are designed to take up extra space inside your boots and provide additional cushioning and support. You can find a variety of insoles and inserts at most shoe stores or online retailers. If your boots are way too roomy, I recommend our leather insoles, which reduce the boot size by almost a full size. If you only require a bit less than that, you can go for our tartan insoles.

Wear Thick Socks

Another option is to wear thick socks to take up extra room in your cowboy boots. Thick socks can help fill in any gaps and make your boots fit more snugly. This is a quick and easy solution that you can try without buying anything new.

It could be that you're also wearing thin socks. Cowboy boots are made to be worn with thick socks, so if you're only wearing thin sports socks and bought boots in your size, it could be that you just need the appropriate socks. If that doesn't solve it, wearing 2 pairs usually does the trick.

Have Your Boots Professionally Resized

If you have tried all of these options and still cannot get your cowboy boots to fit properly, you may want to consider having them professionally resized. A cobbler or shoe repair specialist can take in the boots to make them fit more snugly. This is a more expensive option, but it may be worth it if you have invested a lot of money in your boots and want them to fit perfectly.

In conclusion, if you have extra room in your cowboy boots, there are several ways to fix the problem. From using insoles to wearing extra thick socks, there are plenty of options to try. If all else fails, consider having your boots professionally resized. With a little effort and experimentation, you can make your cowboy boots fit comfortably and look great.