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About New Rock

New Rock is a shoe and clothing company originating from Spain, specializing in goth-style boots, shoes, and apparel. While their focus is on gothic designs, they also offer non-gothic options. The Ortuño family founded the company in 1978 in Yecla, building on three generations of shoemaking experience that dates back to 1928. New Rock prides itself on producing shoes and boots of outstanding quality. They cater to the alternative and goth markets with funky and stylish footwear, which has been their niche for years. New Rock - Tan Brown - M.7921B-C2 

In addition to footwear, New Rock offers clothing, such as leather jackets and corsets. They also manufacture motorcycle helmets. New Rock's boots and shoes are made in Spain, offering an opportunity to stand out from the crowd with their unique and individual style. Their product range caters to different preferences, from extreme alternatives to high street smart, appealing to a broad customer base. If you are looking for shoes or boots that are individual, different, and of excellent quality, New Rock might be the perfect option for you.