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About Corral

brown cowgirl boot with glitter

Corral, a Western brand established in 1999, has a history of using traditional craftsmanship techniques and evolving innovative technologies to produce handmade boots of unparalleled quality and iconic style. Corral was the first Western brand to introduce the concept of a fashion-forward cowboy boot to the world, which revolutionised the industry and created a shift in the perception of Western fashion, establishing it as a pioneer brand within the Western community. Corral has continued to push the limits and elevate the industry since then.

C3943 Corral Circle G Ladies Cowgirl Boots

As a family-owned and operated company, to ensure sustainable sourcing, the brand owns and operates the farms that supply its skins, tanneries, and workshops where the leather is processed and produced into boots, upholding the brand's quality and integrity standards. Each Corral boot maker is hand-selected and trained as an artisan, educated in the Corral brand, and invested in to ensure the highest quality standard in handcrafting.

Corral's boots are hand-tooled and handmade, bringing the leatherworking traditions of Mexican craftsmen (and women) to customers who appreciate the artistry and affordability of Corral Boots. The value is so impressive that customers often say, "It's too much boot for the price!"

Before Corral develops a technique or idea, it begins with inspiration, which can come from a sunset, texture, place, notion, or statement. The design and production process is a labour of love that tells a story, with every handcrafted process having its own breakdown and skillset, making each pair of boots unique and crucial to the whole picture. From the hand-selecting of leathers for each pair and the hand-lasting and finishing of each boot, Corral ensures no corners are cut, setting a new standard that takes over 200 steps before the customer takes their first step.

The constant introduction of fashion-forward, avant-garde styles is key to Corral’s success, creating a Western lifestyle, not just a brand.

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