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Collonil  Crepe brush
Top Brand
The Collonil crepe brush is designed to remove dirt and marks from suede and nubuck without damaging the fibres. Crepe rubber is especially for use on suede and nubuck.With stiff side bristles for cleaning welts and heels.Gently cleans and roughens fibres thoroughly.To remove deeper stains use ..
Collonil Combi Brush (Brass)
Top Brand
Combi Brush has stiff brass bristles and is perfect for deeper cleaning of rugged leathers.Tipped with a welt cleaning wheel on the end of the brush to clean around the edge of boots.How to use?Use brass bristles to loosen dirt on nubuckUse bristles on the side to clean welting or stitchingWhat..
Collonil Combi Brush (Nylon)
Top Brand
Collonil Combi Brush – Nylon is the indispensable brush for cleaning suede, fabrics and oily leathersWith nylon bristles and rubber tips for removing stubborn stains and dirt.Tipped with a wheel/welt cleaner to clean around the edges of shoes.How to useUse nylon bristles to help loosen any..
Collonil Round Application Brush - Dark
Top Brand Out Of Stock
Round application brush suitable to use to apply all types of polish and dubbin. The soft horse hair will not scratch even the finest leathers. Also, available in natural colour. FSC approved wood for the handles...
Boot Jack Boot Jack
Top Brand
Introducing our sturdy and reliable boot jack, the perfect tool for any cowboy or cowgirl looking to make getting in and out of their boots a breeze. Made from durable materials, our boot jack is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.Not only is our boot jack a great mobility aid, mak..
Collonil 1909 Leather Cream
Top Brand
Tube of nourishing cream with a sponge applicator.Contains aloe vera and valuable nourishing oils.Helps renovate and soften dry, worn smooth leather.Revives and brightens colours.  Recommended for the highest quality leathers.Suitable for use on shoes, bags, clothing, and all leather goods.75mH..
Collonil 1909 Supreme Creme De Luxe
Top Brand
1909 Supreme Crème de Luxe is the highest grade polish, containing cedar oil for the best shine and leather conditioningThe extra pigmentation Collonil have introduced to the Crème de Luxe covers and colours the leather, reviving and brightening the colours.The perfect cream for use with aniline cal..
Collonil Bamboo Lotion
Top Brand
Highly effective cleaning spray suitable for all leathers and suedesIdeal for cleaning sheepskin boots.Uses the natural cleaning and softening effect of Bamboo.Removes deep dirt and stains without discolouring.Propellant and solvent free.How to useWipe the area with a damp cloth to remove surface di..
Collonil Carbon Pure Waterproofer 100 ml
Top Brand
Collonil Carbon pure waterproofer without propellantA pump spray with pure active substance for maximum protection. Suitable for all materials.Innovative carbon technology with long-lasting effects against moisture and dirt.Carbon Pure gives a long-lasting protective layer whilst remaining breathabl..
Collonil Classic Wax Leather
Top Brand
Collonil Wax Leather cleans and cares for fine leatherThe natural wax is ideal for natural matt-finished leather.The wax cream removes dirt and does not shine the leather, leaving the same natural finish as before.Colourless.75ml.How to useApply directly from the tube using the sponge on the end.Buf..
Collonil Clean & Care
Top Brand
A highly effective deep-cleaning foamContains natural softeners and waxes.Suitable for all leathers, nubuck, suede, and textiles.Removes deep dirt and stains without discoloring.Propellant and solvent-free.200mlHow to useWipe the area with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt.Press the pump, apply fo..
Collonil Exotic Spray
Top Brand
Protection and care for exotic leathers such as reptileAlso suitable for metallic and embossed leathers.Waterproofs and prevents dirt penetration.Reactivates faded colours.200ml aerosolHow to useProtect all new shoes and bags by spraying twice before first use.Spray the leather evenly from a di..
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